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iVirtue is a professional software services organization offering high-quality solutions to businesses. we services the information technology requirements of companies by utilizing specialized domain knowledge, best-of-breed technologies, rapidly deployable proprietary frameworks/solutions and flexible engagement models.

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We offer technical services as per organization requirement. with our flexibel service model you can hire fulltime developer or pay as you go.
Our developer resource pool consist of experts from wide range of technologies

Web Appliacation

Business applications no longer sit only at the heart of an organization but have moved to the edge. The advent of smartphones, tablets and Android devices are developments heralding the onset of the real information age.

Mobile Apps

This explosion in powerful smartphones and tablets has opened a vista of opportunities in how businesses can connect and engage with their customers. Businesses must now find new and innovative ways to build brands and extend their services to beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar and electronic mediums.


In an age when multiple channels and devices are being used to deliver applications, testing and quality assurance (QA) assumes great significance, because companies have to ensure that end-users accessing the applications on smartphones, tablets and other devices are insulated from errors, poor performance and security vulnerabilities. It is estimated that testing and QA accounts for nearly a quarter of IT spend.


Microsoft SharePoint 2013 introduces new ways to share one's work and work with others, organize projects and teams, and discover people and information. Over the years iVirtue has gained expertise in delivering organization-wide web content management solutions including internet and intranet/extranet portals, document management, content management, business process and workflow automation, business intelligence and reporting needs using SharePoint.

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